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Huade hydraulic products "magic weapon" for rust removal

作者:贺得克(福建)液压设备有限公司2019-11-23 13:59:29
  • Huade hydraulic products "magic weapon" for rust removal

    Huade hydraulic products "magic weapon" for rust removal(1/1)

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Most of huade hydraulic products are made of alloy steel and formed in one piece. Maintenance is not rust, but in the long time or in the humid environment will appear corrosion phenomenon.

So what do you do if huade's product rusts? There are three methods of derusting: physical derusting, chemical derusting and optical derusting.

It is physical derusting method above all, what physical derusting method USES is manual appliance processing, wait like steel wire ball and sandpaper. Wipe the rusted surface of huade hydraulic products until it is eliminated.

Second, chemical derusting method is often used, chemical derusting method is to use strong acid and strong alkali components with rust production should be converted into other chemical elements, to achieve the purpose of derusting.

Finally, optical derusting, which is a modern high-tech method with high cost and remarkable effect, will be applied to large enterprises in general, the advantage of this method is fast derusting.

If your waterward hydraulic products have embroidery stains, you can use the above three methods to eliminate. Above is the product knowledge, hope to bring help to you.